Groups & Talks

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Health & Well-Being

This workshop is 1½ hours long, and goes into depth with a facilitated Power Point presentation explaining the benefits of hypnotherapy. Participants will learn how hypnosis connects with the subconscious mind to produce change and enhance the achievement of our goals in addition to:
  • Learning to relax and "breathe"
  • Reducing stress, and providing more comfort in life
  • Focusing your mind positively, effectively & productively
  • Increasing motivation and striving towards improved internal control
  • Using the whole mind approach, and
  • Utilizing self-hypnosis in daily life.


    Within this 1½ hour workshop refresh and energize all the reasons of why to exercise, and drop all the excuses. Renew your spirit, and get jazzed & motivated to activate the movement of your body. Be guided into hypnosis to reinforce your healthy intentions, and move . . . Move . . . MOVE!

    Promoting Healing through Imagery & Hypnosis

    Give yourself some time off to discover the benefits of imagery and hypnosis . . . and learn how to use your powerful imagination, visualization and senses to utilize the healing powers of your mind, body and spirit. These tools can be profoundly helpful in improving and maintaining your health. You’ll also be guided into a brief hypnotic experience to access your inner healer. (This is great for an hour Lunch and Learn)


    Triathlons, Ironman, and Athletes – Learn to sweep energy with your breath to increase your self- awareness and intensify your personal power. This method can be used when warming-up, to maintain your focus, and to re-charge when fatiguing. Couple this with visualization and imagination used in hypnosis, to reinforce calm spirited follow through leading to your success. You will be guided into hypnosis to experience the power of your breath and to enhance calm conviction while training and performing. (About 2 hours)

    A Quantum Touch Weekend
    The Power to Heal
    Interactive Video Workshop

    This is a day two workshop where the basics of Quantum-Touch are learned through interactive videos and practice. Quantum-Touch is an energy healing modality that applies the principles of resonance and entrainment to facilitate healing. Practitioners learn to focus and amplify life-force energy (known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit) by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. When the practitioner resonates at a high frequency, the client often entrains to, or matches the higher frequency, thereby facilitating healing using the body/mind’s intelligence. Life force energy affects matter on the quantum subatomic level and works its way up through atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and structure. To learn more about Quantum-Touch, visit

    Here what’s been said about Quantum-Touch:
    • Massage therapists provide deeper relaxation and faster healing
    • Reiki Masters say Quantum-Touch radically improves the outcome of their sessions
    • Chiropractors are impressed because bones spontaneously melt into their correct alignment with a light touch
    • Physical Therapists are enthusiastic about how rapidly Quantum-Touch reduces inflammation.

    Meditation, Guided Imagery and Hypnotherapy

    This 2½ hour workshop is facilitated with an in-depth Power Point presentation and discussion centered on the definitions, basic principles, and benefits of meditation, guided imagery and hypnotherapy. Guided experiences are provided with each. Through your personal participation, you will learn how these practices promote health and well-being; and that they can be used easily and simply.


    By participating in this 6-week group series you'll learn to use powerful imagery, focus and your senses to discover your comfort within. These 1 1/2 hour group sessions will center on:
    • Reducing stress,
    • Calming an uneasy or apprehensive mind,
    • Creating composure & confidence,
    • Alleviating sleep issues,
    • Managing pain and discomfort,
    • And clearing issues from the past.
    Group instruction and discussion is given on the utilization of practical and effective tools in working through concerns. You’ll be guided through the use of hypnosis, Holographic Memory Resolution® and meditation to support you in improving and maintaining your awareness, health, and peace of mind.

    Bringing Cool Composure through Mid-Life Transition

    Many women experience different signs and possible discomfort going through their mid-life journey. These signs can include, but are not limited to hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, fatigue and possibly a loss of focus and concentration. There is also that emotional component of menopause that can leave one feeling anxious and sad. This is not often discussed.

    During this 4-week group mini-series you’ll discover relaxation within, connect with your inner resources, lighten your mood and learn to let-go . . . thus bringing better focus into your life. Each session involves group discussion & support, and closes with a hypnotic experience to enhance your well-being.

    Trim Life® Weight Release Program
    Diets Don’t Work, the Power of Your Mind Does

    Facilitated by Patricia Koehler Lawn, CHt, CSW
    Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

    It has been shown that for many people, the more diets they go on, the more weight they actually gain. And there are many reasons for this. It's Time for You to use the power of your mind to stop the yo-yoing, to end deprivation felt through diets, and actually provide your body with the ‘just right’ portions of food it needs. This program of releasing weight with hypnosis was founded and developed by Diane Zimberoff, MA, MFCC of the Wellness Institute, Inc. During this four week group series you will learn:

    • the powerful technique called FOCUSING to help you to relax and deal with stress without eating, and mentally closing the desire for junk foods
    • healthy choices to take control of your life, through focusing your mind to achieve motivation for exercise and knowing your ‘hunger level’
    • how to extinguish the emotions that trigger emotional eating, and to become assertive when 'choosing' to eat
    • how to set clear goals, to use positive affirmations, and use the FOCUS technique to achieve them.
    Cost:    $355 per person     An additional $40/person due at the first group to purchase and receive the mandatory Trim Life® book/CD set & materials that’s used with the program (cash or check to "Patricia Koehler Lawn")

    Contact Patricia directly at (262) 696-8149 or (262) 565-7773 to find out where an up-coming Trim Life Weight Release Program is being provided . . .
    Or to arrange the group series for your group or organization.

    Stress Management Presentation

    – Effective Strategies in Coping with Stress at the Work Place & in Life –

    This presentation is provided for business, companies and organizations. It offers management, employees and participants practical methods in defining, recognizing & acknowledging, and managing stress in their lives.

    The presentation is complemented by a Power Point show, and is one hour or longer depending on the group’s fundamental needs and availability of time. As an example for an hour talk, the Power Point presentation is facilitated by Patricia with time for questions & answers, discovering proper breath that is self-grounding & centering, and a relaxing, confident-building hypnotic experience. For longer presentations or two-part presentations, Patricia includes stress reducing techniques such as the use and instruction of imagery, meditation and self-hypnosis – definitions, their benefits and brief experiences with each are provided.

    To schedule a presentation, contact Patricia directly at (262) 696-8149 or (262)565-7773 or through her website. Pricing is dependant the length of the presentation.

Or do you have another special interest topic you would like a group on? Contact Patricia to receive further information and arrange a group for your gathering.