Hypnotism provides access to the subconscious mind that governs automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviors. These automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviors occur as habits, patterns, routines, and addictions. Within hypnosis, energy and attention becomes focused and directed towards achieving one’s goals.

  • My belief is All Hypnosis Is Self-Hypnosis – in that,
  • It is a state of mind you allow yourself to go into much like meditation,
  • It comes natural to most while others learn how with practice,
  • Within hypnosis your senses are alert and acute; and you’re always in control,
  • A natural state of hypnosis is closest to the time as you’re falling asleep (presleep) and as you awaken,
  • Hypnosis can be achieved through progressive relaxation, and quick & rapid inductions.
Myths and Falsehoods about Hypnosis:
  • You'll involuntarily disclose information or secrets. Untrue, your subconscious mind is self-preserving and protective so you will only share that which you wish.
  • You will carry out anything you’re suggested to do. False, in hypnosis you can accept or reject ideas. Your motivation and determination are wonderfully enhanced to reach your goals.
  • You have no control. Untrue, actually when in hypnosis you have greater focus and better control towards your goals.
  • Hypnosis is mysterious. False, it is natural state of mind – an art and science. We go in and out of trance naturally and often – as an example: daydreaming, or being so keenly focused on something that you don’t even hear someone speaking to you or being in the room.

Here are some areas where hypnosis can be utilized:

Building confidence
Enhancing creativity
Improving concentration & focus
Improving job & athletic performance
Improving & accelerating learning
Removing blocks to progress
Releasing the past
Reducing stress
Reducing & managing weight
Becoming a non-smoker
Eliminating nail biting
Locating lost or misplaced items
And More!

Complementary Medical Hypnotism is an integrative approach that assists and enhances conventional medical care by aiding, resolving or diminishing a medical/health issue. A written physician order or referral is needed. Complementary Medical Hypnotism can be used in these areas and others:

Reducing stress of medical conditions
Creating peace of mind for surgery and dental procedures
Pain and discomfort management
Facilitating sleep
Promoting appetite
Medication potentiating


There are three keys to your success in using hypnotism:

Concentration * * * Imagination * * * Motivation



Patricia provides individual and group sessions, workshops and presentations. Her comfortable office is located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin where individual sessions are held. Groups, workshops and presentations are offered in various locations throughout the community.

For those interested in having an appointment at and/or are members of ProHealth Care West Wood Health & Fitness Center in Pewaukee, Wisconsin please refer to www.westwoodfitness.org or contact 262-513-7206 for fee information and registration (payment). Scheduling of appointment times and dates are directly through Patricia, (262)696-8149 or (262) 565-7773.

The number of sessions depends on the area of focus, the individual's needs and period of time essential for resolution of issues, as a general example:

  • Weight reduction or pain management - commitment to at least 4 consecutive weekly sessions.
  • Smoking Cessation (and with other areas) - commitment to at least 2 sessions. Length of time between sessions is a week or less depending on method of quitting ('reducing' or 'eliminating' on first session).

Patricia utilizes one or more techniques within a session and throughout the period of a client's involvement in her services. Holographic Memory Resolution® (HMR) and Quantum-Touch® may be provided solely or followed with hypnosis. There are various approaches within Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy®. The "Initial" (first) session for hypnotherapy and HMR is two hours long where a personal history is taken, questions answered, and a session is provided. Follow-up sessions are generally about 1 ½ hours long. Quantum-Touch sessions usually are an hour. Appointment times and dates are scheduled directly through Patricia at (262) 696-8149 or (262) 565-7773. Clients need to complete and return an Intake form and questionnaire prior to their first appointment. When your appointment is scheduled, that time is reserved for you.'One business day' notice is required for cancellations, or a full fee will be charged.

Clients are welcome to pay for services with cash, check or credit card. Credit cards can be processed through the Services and Products tab.

Disclaimer: Although these services provide valuable benefit and assistance to one's well-being, personal care and progress, they are not a substitute for psychological services, or medical treatment and care. Please consult with your therapist and/or physician before proceeding with these services. Patricia encourages, honors and supports the coordination of services for a client that is under the supervision of a therapist and/or physician.