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Patricia provides individual and group sessions, workshops and presentations. Her comfortable office is located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin where individual sessions are held. Groups, workshops and presentations are offered in various locations throughout the community.

The number of sessions depends on the area of focus, the individual’s needs and period of time essential for resolution of issues, as a general example:

  • Weight reduction or pain management – commitment to at least 4 consecutive weekly sessions
  • Smoking Cessation (and with other areas) – commitment to at least 2 sessions. Length of time between sessions is a week or less depending on method of quitting (reducing or eliminating on first session)
Patricia utilizes one or more techniques within a session and throughout the period of a client’s involvement in her services. Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) and Quantum-Touch may be provided solely or followed with hypnosis. There are various approaches within Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy.

The "Initial" (first) session for hypnotherapy and HMR is two hours long where a personal history is taken, questions answered, and a session is provided. Follow-up sessions are generally about 1 hours long. Quantum-Touch sessions usually are an hour.

Appointments are scheduled directly through Patricia at (262) 696-8149 or (262) 565-7773. Clients need to complete and return an Intake form and questionnaire prior to their first appointment. When your appointment is scheduled, that time is reserved for you.
A 24-hour notice is required for cancellations, or a full fee will be charged.

Clients are welcome to pay for services with cash or check.

Initial Sessions (2 hours) are $135.00 and each 90 minute follow-up session is $95.00
Clients can purchase a 5-session package for $485.00 ($10.00 off initial session & $5.00 off each follow-up session)
A four session package is available after the initial visit for $360.00 ($5.00 off each follow-up session)
Quantum-Touch sessions are available for $65.00 for the first hours and $1.00/minute after an hour.
All services are to be paid by cash or check at the time of your appointment.
For those interested in an appointment at, or are members of ProHealth Care West Wood Health & Fitness Center (Pewaukee, Wisconsin), please refer to for fee information and registration (payment). Scheduling of appointments is directly through Patricia, (262) 696-8149 or (262) 565-7773.

Disclaimer: Although these services provide valuable benefit and assistance to one's well-being, personal care and progress, they are not a substitute for psychological services, or medical treatment and care. Please consult with your therapist and/or physician before proceeding with these services. Patricia encourages, honors and supports the coordination of services for a client that is under the supervision of a therapist and/or physician.

Products: CDs

Patricia has created and professionally recorded audio CDs "Just for You". Each hypnotic CD has her enchanting voice with calming and inspiring background music to assist you with nurturing sleep, weight release, becoming more physically active, and promoting positive self-care.
The finest way to use your CDs is to take that quiet time where you can sit or lie down in a comfortable setting allowing your eyes to close. They are best played softly with earphones. Whenever working on a goal, play your CD for 30 consecutive days to create new healthy habits and routines. Then play your CD as needed afterwards. As with every hypnotic suggestion, the more you practice and employ them in your daily life the stronger they become.

Resellers: Please contact Patricia directly for discounts.

My CDs are $12.00 each plus applicable tax/handling/shipping.
Please contact me at (262) 696-8149 or (262) 565-7773 to order CDs.
Restful SleepRESTFUL SLEEP: Calming words and background music to aide you into drifting asleep easier and sleeping more soundly. Through this CD you can discover how to allow your thoughts, body and surrounding sounds to soften and ease wherever you might be . . . in various circumstances, to provide comfort and restful sleep.
Get MovingGET MOVING!: This CD encourages you to propel your body into healthy motion. This is for the person who needs to get started, energized and involved in a regular exercise program, to become more physically active.
Just For YouJUST FOR YOU (Positive Self-Care): Especially created with "You" in mind . . . encouraging you to pause and listen to the wonderful wisdom within . . . your intuition and connection to what you believe is your source of higher power. There lies your answers, resources and everything you need. Countdown to Weight LossCOUNT DOWN TO WEIGHT LOSS (It's All In Your Mind): You are inspired to travel within and give yourself permission to be the stronger, flexible, healthy and trimmer you – while feeling safe and honoring what is 'right' for you. You are encouraged to eat mindfully, slowly and thoroughly bringing fullness and satisfaction with smaller portions. Exercise and physical movement are also supported, reinforcing precious moments where you value and nurture yourself.

Disclaimer: Although these CDs provide valuable benefit and assistance to one’s well-being, personal care and progress, they are not a substitute for psychological services, or medical treatment and care. For your best interest especially when experiencing seizures, mental health/emotional or neurological disorders, consult with your therapist and/or physician before utilizing the CDs. These CDs are never to be played while driving or operating machinery.

IMPORTANT! Please review our Returns and Refunds Policy before making your purchase.